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02 Nov 07:22 AM
Zamani barayé masti asbha (A Time for Drunken Horses) (2000) poster
The Emperor's Club (2002) poster
Finding Forrester (2000) poster
Entre les murs (The Class) (2008) poster
The Children of Huang Shi (2008) poster
La cité des enfants perdus (The City of Lost Children) (1995) poster
La mala educación (Bad Education) (2004) poster
Dangerous Minds (1995) poster
The Paper Chase (1973) poster
Precious (2009) poster
The Breakfast Club (1985) poster
To Sir, with Love (1967) poster
Stand and Deliver (1988) poster
Les choristes (The Chorus) (2004) poster
The History Boys (2006) poster
Wonder Boys (2000) poster
Mona Lisa Smile (2003) poster
Detachment (2011) poster

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