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02 Nov 07:44 AM
In Search of Beethoven (2009) poster
Mozart Decoded (2008) poster
The Piano Lesson (1995) poster
The Temptation of Franz Schubert (1997) poster
Mozart - Ich hätte München Ehre gemacht (2006) poster
Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037 (2007) poster
La symphonie fantastique (1942) poster
Le violon de Rothschild (1996) poster
England, My England (1995) poster
Das Dreimäderlhaus (1958) poster
La note bleue (1991) poster
Il était une fois Jean-Sébastien Bach (2003) poster
Eroica (2003) poster
Antonio Vivaldi, un prince à Venise (2006) poster
Un grand amour de Beethoven (The Life and Loves of Beethoven) (1936) poster
Beethoven Lives Upstairs (1992) poster
New Wine (1941) poster
The Great Waltz (1972) poster
Frühlingssinfonie (Spring Symphony) (1983) poster
Testimony (1988) poster
In Search of Mozart (2006) poster
Whom the Gods Love (Mozart) (1936) poster
Szerelmi álmok - Liszt (1970) poster
Pianomania (2009) poster
Song of Norway (1970) poster
Geliebte Clara (2008) poster
Bride of the Wind (2001) poster
La valse de l'adieu (1929) poster
Bach's Fight for Freedom (1995) poster
The Great Mr. Handel (1942) poster

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