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Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) (1984) poster
Regen (1929) poster
E la nave va (And the Ship Sails On) (1983) poster
La nuit de Varennes (1982) poster
Tre fratelli (Three Brothers) (1981) poster
Ragtime (1981) poster
Le mystère Picasso (1956) poster
Nostalghia (1983) poster
Le roi et l'oiseau (The King and the Mockingbird) (1980) poster
Hammett (1982) poster
Passion (Godard's Passion) (1982) poster
Identificazione di una donna (Identification of a Woman) (1982) poster
The Producers (1967) poster
La double vie de Véronique (The Double Life of Veronique) (1991) poster
Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss (Veronika Voss) (1982) poster
Le dernier métro (The Last Metro) (1980) poster
Prova d'orchestra (Orchestra Rehearsal) (1978) poster
Neskolko dney iz zhizni I.I. Oblomova (Oblomov) (1980) poster
That's Entertainment! (1974) poster
Don Giovanni (1979) poster
Valentino (1977) poster
Köksüz (2013) poster
Yozgat Blues (2013) poster
Danton (1983) poster
New York, New York (1977) poster
Diva (1981) poster

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