American Flyers (1985) poster

American Flyers (1985)

Drama, Sport
113 minutes
starch American Flyers takes you on the road for exciting world-class cycling competition as two brothers struggle to win a race and to regain the respect and affection they once shared. Achievement-oriented Marcus (Kevin Costner) is a nationally-ranked cyclist. Younger brother David (David Grant) is a drifter, content to cruise through life on a 10-speed. Time-and the painful events surrounding their father's death-have turned the siblings' differences into an open rift. So they try to bridge the gap by competing together in the Hell of the West, a grueling race through the Rocky Mountains. For the first time ever, the brothers train and race side-by-side...while each privately confronts a nagging fear: the congenital ailment that struck down their father could just suddenly strike one of them. Writer Steve Tesich, and Academy Award winner for his bike-racing opus Breaking Away, now captures the sport's excitement on an even larger scale. Against the backdrop of the Coors International Classic, the U.S.'s largest, most prestigious race, Tesich and director John Badham craft a dazzling, spirit-soaring spectacle. Says Rex Reed: "You'll go away feeling good! American Flyers is a fine mixture of romance, humor and tears with action sequences among the most exciting ever captured on film."

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