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Ask Me Anything (2014)

100 minutes
aldagmc Like many girls do after high school, Katie Kampenfelt makes the decision to spend a year at home before heading off to an university. She feels this is the only way to truly discover herself and what she strives to be. That's because right now she feels stuck between working long shifts at the local bookstore and smoking marijuana with her boyfriend. She needs more than this to occupy her time so she decides to seduce her thirty-two-year-old film teacher. As Katie goes through with this plan, she writes down all her tales and adventures in an anonymous blog online. There, she shares with strangers all of her inner needs and wants. However, while this blog starts out as a fun place, it quickly turns dark. Her narrative begins to divulge deep secrets from her past.

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Hmm ergenlik karmaşı yaşıyan bir kızın kendinden büyük erkeklerle düşüp kalkmasını anlatan dramsı bir film.. Konunun gerçek hayattan alındığını söylediler kusura bakmayın bu kadar sert bir eleştiri yaptığım için ama film çok ama çok saçma geldi...
10 months ago

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