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Life Partners (2014)

93 minutes
aldagmc Sasha and Paige have been friends since they were children, and their co-dependent relationship hasn't allowed either to find serious, long-lasting love. Paige is a lawyer who is finally seeing some success in her career, which she downplays because Sasha works as a receptionist and still pines for a music career. When Paige starts to date Tim, the two friends grow apart. Sasha can see the hole in her life that will exist when Paige is gone. Sasha's rotating girlfriends are not enough to fill the space that Paige leaves as she grows serious about Tim. Sasha has to learn to grow up and live a life without Paige being her life partner.

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çok sıkıcı , çok basit bir filmdi . aşk,dram,komedi hiçbiri yok filmde zaman kaybı ...
2 months ago

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