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The Short Films of David Lynch (2002)

97 minutes
slymndgn "The more unknowable the mystery, the more beautiful it is."—David Lynch It is a rarity when a true cinematic artist emerges, one that throws down the gauntlet of materialism and hype and focuses instead on the image, working the screen like a canvas, and the camera like a paint box. Such an auteur is David Lynch, who in the thirty plus years that he has been working in film, consistently offers disquieting visions of a world split in two, a land where nightmares and hallucinations co-mingle and intermarry with daydreams and the mundane. Lynch, as a filmmaker, walks the fine line between worship and scorn, never letting mass acceptance (or ridicule) influence his creative vision. He can be difficult and obtuse (Lost Highway) or as clear as the sky above a wide-open prairie (The Straight Story), but he is never predictable. The Short Films of David Lynch, a DVD collection of his lesser-known student and commission works, is one of the first items made available for sale by Lynch on his personal website. For anyone who is a devotee of Lynch, this is a must have portfolio, the missing link in the man's artistic puzzle. For the casual viewer, it will function as a crash course in his themes and mythology. While they may not be simplistic in storytelling or subtle in style, The Short Films of David Lynch provides a cracked glass window into the shadowy, mannered world of this perverse prophet.

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