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Movies and tv shows of Carlos Saura

Io, Don Giovanni (I, Don Giovanni) (2009) poster
Fados (2007) poster
El 7º día (The 7th Day) (2004) poster
Goya en Burdeos (Goya in Bordeaux) (1999) poster
Tango (1998) poster
Taxi (1996) poster
Flamenco (de Carlos Saura) (1995) poster
¡Dispara! (Outrage) (1993) poster
¡Ay, Carmela! (1990) poster
El amor brujo (1986) poster
Carmen (1983) poster
Deprisa, deprisa (Fast, Fast) (1981) poster
Bodas de sangre (Blood Wedding) (1981) poster
Mamá cumple 100 años (Mama Turns 100) (1979) poster
Cría cuervos (Cria Cuervos) (1976) poster
Ana y los lobos (Anna and the Wolves) (1972) poster
Peppermint Frappé (1967) poster
La caza (The Hunt) (1966) poster
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