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Movies and tv shows of Fritz Lang

Die 1000 Augen des Dr. Mabuse (The 1,000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse) (1960) poster
Der Tiger von Eschnapur (1959) poster
Das indische Grabmal (The Tomb of Love) (1959) poster
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956) poster
While the City Sleeps (1956) poster
Moonfleet (1955) poster
Human Desire (1954) poster
The Blue Gardenia (1953) poster
The Big Heat (1953) poster
Clash by Night (1952) poster
Rancho Notorious (1952) poster
American Guerrilla in the Philippines (1950) poster
House by the River (1950) poster
Secret Beyond the Door... (1947) poster
Cloak and Dagger (1946) poster
Scarlet Street (1945) poster
The Woman in the Window (1944) poster
Ministry of Fear (1944) poster
Hangmen Also Die! (1943) poster
Moontide (1942) poster
Man Hunt (1941) poster
Western Union (1941) poster
The Return of Frank James (1940) poster
You and Me (1938) poster
You Only Live Once (1937) poster
Fury (1936) poster
Liliom (1934) poster
Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse (The Testament of Dr. Mabuse) (1933) poster
M (1931) poster
Frau im Mond (By Rocket to the Moon) (1929) poster
Spione (Spies) (1928) poster
Metropolis (1927) poster
Die Nibelungen: Siegfried (Siegfried) (1924) poster
Die Nibelungen: Kriemhilds Rache (Kriemhild's Revenge) (1924) poster
Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler - Ein Bild der Zeit (Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler) (1922) poster
Der müde Tod (Destiny) (1921) poster
Die Spinnen, 1. Teil - Der Goldene See (1919) poster
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