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Jin-mo Ju's movies and tv shows

Ki Hwanghoo (Empress Ki) (2014) poster
Dodookdeul (The Thieves) (2012) poster
Eui-roi-in (The Client) (2011) poster
Moo-jeok-ja (A Better Tomorrow) (2010) poster
Woochi (2009) poster
Ssang-hwa-jeom (A Frozen Flower) (2008) poster
Bareuge salja (Going by the Book) (2007) poster
Minyeo-neun goerowo (200 Pounds Beauty) (2006) poster
Musa (The Warrior) (2001) poster
Shilje sanghwang (Real Fiction) (2000) poster
Haepi-endeu (Happy End) (1999) poster
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