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Sang-ho Kim's movies and tv shows

Woonppal Romaenseu (Lucky Romance) (2016- ) poster
Ssawooja Gwishina (Bring It On, Ghost) (2016- ) poster
Di Dei (D-Day) (2015- ) poster
Daeho (The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale) (2015) poster
Misseu waipeu (Wonderful Nightmare) (2015) poster
Byuti insaideu (The Beauty Inside) (2015) poster
Dakteo Yibangin Aka Doctor Stranger (Doctor Stranger) (2014- ) poster
Haemoo (2014) poster
Run-ning-maen (2013) poster
So-won (Wish) (2013) poster
TEN (Teuk-soo-sa-geon-jeon-dam-ban) (Special Affairs Team TEN) (2013) poster
Wan-deuk-i (Punch) (2011) poster
Siti hyunteo (City Hunter) (2012) poster
Goo-reu-meul beo-eo-nan dal-cheo-reom (Blades of Blood) (2010) poster
Iggi (Moss) (2010) poster
Woochi (2009) poster
Baramui Nara (The Kingdom of the Winds) (2009) poster
Jeul-geo-woon in-saeng (The Happy Life) (2007) poster
Tazza (Tazza: The High Rollers) (2006) poster
Geuddae geusaramdeul (The President's Last Bang) (2005) poster
Jambok-geunmu (She's on Duty) (2005) poster
Beomjweui jaeguseong (The Big Swindle) (2004) poster
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