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Ye-jin Son's movies and tv shows

Hae-jeok: Ba-da-ro gan san-jeok (Pirates) (2014) poster
Gongbeom (Blood and Ties) (2013) poster
Ta-weo (The Tower) (2012) poster
O-ssak-han yeon-ae (Spellbound) (2011) poster
Gae-in-eui chwi-hyang (Personal Taste) (2010) poster
Sikeurit Gadeun (Secret Garden) (2011) poster
Baekyahaeng: Hayan eodoom sokeul geolda (White Night) (2009) poster
Mubangbi-dosi (Open City) (2008) poster
A-nae-ga kyeol-hon-haet-da (My Wife Got Married) (2008) poster
Cheon-nyeon-yeo-woo-yeo-woo-bi (Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox) (2007) poster
Jakeob-ui jeongseok (Art of Seduction) (2005) poster
Oechul (April Snow) (2005) poster
Nae meorisokui jiwoogae (A Moment to Remember) (2004) poster
Keulraesik (The Classic) (2003) poster
Chihwaseon (Painted Fire) (2002) poster
Yeonae soseol (Lover's Concerto) (2002) poster
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