Dieta mediterránea (Mediterranean Food) (2009) afişi

Dieta mediterránea (2009)
Mediterranean Food

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starch In a seaside village in Spain, the teenager Sofà­a is a bad student that helps her father Ramón and her mother Loren in the kitchen of the small family restaurant and dreams on becoming the best chef in the world. Her best childhood friends are the correct Toni and the reckless Frank. When Sofà­a finds that Ramón is bisexual, she leaves her fiancé Toni to work with Frank in a five star hotel and has a one night stand with him. However, she returns to her village when she gets pregnant and marries Toni. Years later, Frank also returns to his village and Sofà­a loves Toni and Frank and they all live together as a threesome. Sofà­a cooks with passion and her top-notch culinary skill is recognized by other chefs. However, when Frank decides to get married and have a normal life, the relationship between Sofà­a and Toni is affected. - Sofia's story, the best chef the world, and the two men who helped her to become a legend.


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