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starch This first film version of "The Children's Hour" uses a heterosexual triangle rather than the play's lesbian theme. The plot concerns schoolteachers Karen Wright and Martha Dobie, both of whom are in love with Dr. Joe Cardin. The malicious lie of one of their students involves all three in a scandal which disrupts all their lives. - Karen Wright and Martha Dobie are best friends since college. When they graduate, they decide to move to Lancet to the farm that Karen has inherited from her grandmother to build a boarding school for girls. On the arrival, they meet Dr. Joseph Cardin and he helps them to restore the farmhouse working hard. One day Karen meets the influent Mrs. Amelia Tilford that helps them to get students including her spoiled granddaughter Mary Tilford. Out of the blue, Martha's arrogant aunt Lily Mortar arrives at the school and offers to give classes. Meanwhile Joseph proposes Karen and they are engaged to each other. When the spiteful and compulsive liar Mary, who is a bad influence to the other girls, is punished by Karen after telling a lie, Martha has an argument with her snoopy aunt Lily in another room. Lily accuses Martha of being in love with Joseph and having encountered him in her room. Mary's roommate Rosalie Wells overhears the argument and tells Mary what Mrs. Mortar had said about her niece. The malicious Mary accuses Martha of being the lover of Joseph to her grandmother and Amelia spreads the gossip to the parents of the students that withdraw them from the school. Karen and Martha lose a lawsuit against Amelia and have their lives disrupted with the scandal. Further, Karen calls off her engagement with Joe since she is not sure that he is telling the truth. - Karen and Martha, college roommates, graduate and face the future with no place and no money. Karen, however, has inherited a farmhouse from her grandmother, and gets the idea that she and Martha can turn it into a school for girls. They travel to the farmhouse, which turns out to be quite rundown, and all hope seems lost, until they meet Dr. Joe Cardin, who tells them not to give up, to take out a loan, fix up the farmhouse, and it will work out. All seems to go according to plan, until one student devises a scheme for revenge for being punished by the teachers. Unlike Lillian Hellman's "The Children's Hour", this film has a mostly happy ending and leaves out all references to lesbianism, making it a love triangle instead of a love chain. - Despite its dilapidated condition, best friends and recent college graduates Martha Dobie and Karen Wright decide to open a girl's boarding school at an abandoned farmhouse in Lancet, Massachussetts, the farmhouse bequeathed to Karen. They are assisted in fixing the house up by a local doctor, Joe Cardin, who quickly falls for Karen, and she for him. Karen and Joe soon become engaged. The women are assisted in getting the school off the ground by local dowager, Amelia Tilford, who is looking for a new school to which to send her granddaughter, Mary. Mrs. Tilford's endorsement carries much weight in the community. They are also given the unwanted assistance - for a fee - of Martha's pretentious, self-serving and bossy Aunt Lily Mortar, a stage actress, her services as an elocution teacher. Beyond Mrs. Mortar, problems arise at the school when trouble-making student Mary, who feels persecuted by her teachers, decides to exact revenge. She tells her grandmother of impropriety between Joe and Martha late one evening in Martha's bedroom. Mary's story includes some half truths and exaggerated truths, the truths which makes the crux of her story more plausible. One of those half truths, which Mary does not fully realize, is that Martha secretly does love Joe. The reputation and livelihood of Martha, Karen and Joe hang in the balance of Mary's lies. - Two school teachers and the man they both love face ruin when a malicious student cooks up a lie. -

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