Martina Gedeck - Frameby

Martina Gedeck's movies and tv shows

The Girl King (2015) poster
Anni felici (Those Happy Years) (2013) poster
Night Train to Lisbon (2013) poster
La religieuse (The Nun) (2013) poster
Die Wand (The Wall) (2012) poster
The Door (2012) poster
Jud Süss - Film ohne Gewissen (Jew Suss: Rise and Fall) (2010) poster
Agnosia (2010) poster
Sisi (2009) poster
Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (The Baader Meinhof Complex) (2008) poster
Geliebte Clara (2008) poster
The 79th Annual Academy Awards (2007) poster
Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others) (2006) poster
Sommer '04 (Summer of '04) (2006) poster
The Good Shepherd (2006) poster
Elementarteilchen (The Elementary Particles) (2006) poster
Bella Martha (Mostly Martha) (2001) poster
Das Leben ist eine Baustelle. (Life is All You Get) (1997) poster
Rossini (1997) poster
Stadtgespräch (Talk of the Town) (1995) poster
Der bewegte Mann (Maybe... Maybe Not) (1994) poster
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