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02 Nov 07:10 AM
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001) poster
Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003) poster
Robin Hood (2010) poster
When Nietzsche Wept (2007) poster
The Countess (2009) poster
Monster (2003) poster
The Theory of Everything (2014) poster
The Imitation Game (2014) poster
Big Eyes (2014) poster
Joan of Arc (The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc) (1999) poster
Casanova (2005) poster
Paganini (1989) poster
A Dangerous Method (2011) poster
Hitchcock (2012) poster
Le scaphandre et le papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) (2007) poster
Prayers for Bobby (2009) poster
Séraphine (2008) poster
Cinderella Man (2005) poster
The Sessions (2012) poster
Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque) (Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life) (2010) poster
J'ai tué ma mère (I Killed My Mother) (2009) poster
Gia (1998) poster
Quills (2000) poster
Patch Adams (1998) poster
La môme (La vie en rose) (2007) poster
Goya's Ghosts (2006) poster

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