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Neco z Alenky (Alice) (1987) poster
Bande à part (Band of Outsiders) (1964) poster
Duvar (The Wall) (1983) poster
Fahrenheit 451 (1966) poster
Jules et Jim (Jules and Jim) (1962) poster
Pierrot le fou (Pierrot le Fou) (1965) poster
Mia aioniotita kai mia mera (Eternity and a Day) (1998) poster
Ladri di biciclette (Bicycle Thieves) (1948) poster
12 Angry Men (1997) poster
Frida (2002) poster
Sonbahar (Autumn) (2008) poster
Yol (1982) poster
Papillon (1973) poster
Uzak (Distant) (2002) poster
Trois couleurs: Rouge (Three Colors: Red) (1994) poster
Trois couleurs: Blanc (Three Colors: White) (1994) poster
Trois couleurs: Bleu (Three Colors: Blue) (1993) poster
Sevmek zamani (Time to Love) (1965) poster
Spartacus (1960) poster
Dogville (2003) poster
Uçurtmayi vurmasinlar (Don't Let Them Shoot the Kite) (1989) poster
12 Angry Men (1957) poster
Jagten (The Hunt) (2012) poster
Gadjo dilo (The Crazy Stranger) (1997) poster
Kader (Destiny) (2006) poster
Hunger (2008) poster
The Man from Earth (2007) poster
Kis uykusu (Winter Sleep) (2014) poster
Mulholland Dr. (2001) poster
La môme (La vie en rose) (2007) poster

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